Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Good Christian

Today at lunch I was musing over the difference between the foreign policy of our current administration--who continuously calls upon fundamentalist Christian "sensibilities" to guide its policies--and the policies that Jesus would have actually espoused while he was on Earth. After all, Jesus came to a nation that was being horribly repressed by another nation at the time. Rather than talk about that nation's right to defend itself, arm itself, make pre-emptive strikes, etc., he instructed the Israelites to look inward, feed the poor, help the sick, and become better people. I case could so easily be made that this administrations policies are blatant opposites from the characteristics Jesus called "blessed" during his sermon from the Mount. So, to do a little research, I decided to look up what else has been said. I did a search for "Christ's foreign policy" and found this link and, I must confess, since it appeared to be a typical Christian website, I assumed it would have mediocre pablum that would be, at best, confusing and contradictory. But I was wrong. The writer of this article is still a clear-thinking individual who has not been drinking Bush's Kool-aid. Props to Harlan Simantel. I don't agree 100% with his opinion, but to me it seems like what a Christian foreign policy truly should be.


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