Friday, July 07, 2006

I'm not a Man Named Jed, But ...

We're not moving to Beverly Hills, either. We're moving to Newport Beach, which is better. That's right, this middle-class liberal is packing up the truck tonight, and moving down to upper-class conservative Newport Beach. I have, for various reasons, never felt like I completely "fit" into any demographic where I lived or worked, so this won't be a new feeling. But the sheer torture of living among the Stepford Wives might tax me. I might deign to put a little indicator of my political world view on my car (gulp) in hopes of finding kindred spirits. If you live in South Orange County, and you're someone who knows how to properly bounce the real meaning of words off of the backstop of fact and truth, and you can tell if there's a ricochet, please contact me.


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