Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Coming Soon

EXTREME LONG SHOT: Downtown Los Angeles. Partly Cloudy. Voice over, aggressive male voice: It was a day like any other in the city of Los Angeles. Balmy, mid-70s. Her citizens grinding out another day on the busy but orderly highways ... LONG SHOT: Freeway overpass. Slightly cloudier. EXTREME CLOSE-UP: pavement. A tiny drop of rain leaves a damp spot. Voice over, aggressive male voice: Suddenly, a squall with the ferocity of a freight train thunders over the city. Another drop ... then a third. Soon we have a light mist. Male driver: Oh my GOD! What IS that? Voice over: The ensuing panic begins a day of horror in sunny Southern California Cars begin skidding out of control. A woman screams! A car explodes! The screen cuts faster and faster with images of chaos and destruction until the screen goes black. We HEAR a SIREN in the distance. Voice over: Experience the latest disaster movie from the director of "High Impact" and the Producers of "The Towering Inferno. "DRIZZLE." Coming this fall.


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