Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Robertson Forgets to take his Pills Again

Clash of the titans? Pat Robertson, darling of the Christian Right-Wing, has planted a seed in the American zombie brain trust about Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Chavez spouted off a few weeks ago about how the US better not try to assassinate him. It was a preposterous statement unless you remember that we sort of helped along a little coup in his country in 2003. The coup failed. And since Chavez is not exactly simpatico with American capitalism and our Jesus-loving ways, he said some stupid shit that was either properly construed or misconstrued as his drawing a line in the jungle. Oh yeah, don't forget that Venezuela supplies the U.S. with 10% of our oil. I would be very surprised if, when certain key officials in Washington look at a map of Venezuela, they don’t dollar signs in their eyes. It’s a completely crazy idea, though, to launch another offensive against a third world country that happens to be oil-rich and happens to be spouting innocuous anti-US rhetoric. So what could be more lucky for them than to have that crazy-ass Pat Robertson plant the seed of the idea in the heads of Americans that Chavez is exporting militant Islamism. That's right folks, according to Pat Robertson, Venezuela is "a launching pad for Communist infiltration and Muslim extremism all over the continent." That sounds kinda similar to Hussein having Al Qaeda ties, or him having WMDs. Robertson has obviously been learning a few things from the Neo-Cons. He's learned that pre-war propoganda and "fighting words" are music to American ears. His political career might be on the rebound! Sigh. Anyone who hasn't read "Don't Think of An Elephant" should go out and read it right now.


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