Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sweet Jesus Christ, Come On Down

Karl Rove Karl Rove Deep inside his cove Tried to play checkers with chess To move one ahead He left another dead Will someone kindly clean up his mess? Treason is hard Treason is mean To turn one's back on kith and kin Jesus once said (He was neither blue or red) That which you do to them you do to me Without Judas kiss There is no Christian myth Without Karl Rove The future dims Two years he had To just say "My bad" He's the kind that only mouths the hymns (chorus) Sweet Jesus Christ Sweet Lord above Redeemer for the sins of all mankind We were so lost And knew not the cost Sweet Jesus Christ come on down! _________________________________________ Read the rest of these lyrics at the author's page. I also recommend "Naked Christians Flying Up" on the same page.


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