Thursday, July 28, 2005

A Small Slice

Last Friday night Gayle and I had a kidless night. I decided we should dress up and go out to a nice restaurant in Claremont. It was perfect weather ... about 77 degrees with a slight breeze. The sun was low in the sky and we had the top down on my 2002 Mustang convertible as we were tooling slowly up Indian Hill Blvd. The year and make of my car is important, because we approached another Mustang Convertible. It was so new there was no license plate on it, and it was a gorgeous lemon yellow. Inside was another couple, probably headed out for their Friday night as well. I love Mustangs, which is why I bought mine a few years ago. But I really love the new Mustang. I pulled up along side them and said something. They turned their radio down and the guy looked over at me and smiled. "What?" he said. "I'M JEALOUS!" I shouted. They both cracked up. So did Gayle. At the next light, we turned right and they went straight. I wasn't all that jealous really. I mostly meant it as a compliment on his car. It was just one of those perfect moments. There's something about connecting with a perfect stranger and making them laugh that I love. Plus, driving in twilight with my girl on a perfect night makes me feel glad to be alive.


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