Thursday, May 05, 2005

What Would Jesus Censor?

Outraged parents have prevented a marching band from playing (not singing) the song "Louie Louie". The Smoking Gun has done some excellent research into these horrible lyrics. This is another embarassing account of the stupidity of American values. My parents tried very hard to prevent me from hearing anything that wasn't "Bible Approved." This tactic will contribute to your childrens' sexual innocence about as well as not talking about food will prevent them from eating. In my case, I think it made me a hornier bastard than I would have otherwise been. Or ... maybe not. It certainly didn't make me a less horny bastard, that's for sure. Some people have raised an eyebrow at how permissive I am with my kids. I let them cuss (within reason), and don't hide their eyes when a sexy scene come on the TV (although I'm careful not to get movies that are TOO sexy). I'll admit that it is my instinct to try to prevent them from seeing such things, but I actually believe this instinct comes from my own parents policy, and not common sense. If you make something a mystery, kids will find out what you're trying to hide from them. They are more likely to experiment because you've made them very curious. I let my kids have a sip of alcohol if they ask. They don't even want any because to them it tastes like shit because they've tried it! My kids will do all the same stuff I did. Your kids will too. Censoring only teaches them to be duplicitous about it.


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