Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Help Paulo Get Out of Brazil

I got this e-mail yesterday: _________________________________________________ Dear Sirs, I am a Professional Butcher looking for an experienced abroad. Could you send me an Application for Employment from your company, please ? PAULO AGE: 25 HOME ADDRESS: COUNTRY: Brazil TEL: EMAIL: APPLYING FOR POSITION 1- Butcher PROFESSIONAL DATA PRESENT PROFESSION: Butcher HOW LONG: 7 Years EMPLOYMENT DATA COMPANY: POSITION: Slaughter _______________________________________________ We butchers need to stick together. Paulo is a very ... nice ... butcher, who has been slaughtering cows and pigs and god-knows-what for 7 years. He now wants to slaughter edible animals "abroad." We're not sure why. To quote my favorite movie "The Big Lebowski": Got any leads?


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