Sunday, April 10, 2005

Guest Post by KarbonKountyMoos

As the winner of TMOTM's 10,000th hit contest, Karen gets to guest blog. Her choice of subject matter: rats. It makes me wonder. ;) And here it is: _________________________________________ Everyone knows about Friday Cat Blogging - it's such a tradition already. This is from my friend, fellow Montana blogger, Sharon. I really wanted to do a Saturday Rat Blogging, but I couldn't find many nasty rat links - mostly pet rat sites. Who'd have thunk it?! Do you think that we should start a Saturday Rat Blogging Tradition? Uh, oh - forget it.... But here are some of my favorites: It seems that we've missed World Rat Day - it was 04 April, but we have a year to prepare now: http://www.worldratday.com/ This one is hysterical, what more can I say? Rats are People, Too... (uh, okay, if you say so.) http://www.ratballs.com/ Here's a guy named Rick who is always looking for rat traps. I don't think he wants one of these - but I thought it was cool. And getting back to pet rats, I guess that they like them in the UK, too. Thanks for the opportunity & congratulations on passing the 10,000 mark!


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