Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Sir Bill

The UK has decided to give Bill Gates honorary knighthood. I like England. God Bless the Queen. However, I can think of a lot more worthy people to receive Knighthood. My boss is pretty cool. He should be Sir Bill! The people who invented self-adhering postage stamps. Yeah for them! Make them knights! There was this guy once who fell four stories and had a piece of rebar go straight through his head, but he lived and was fine! <-- knight material Some dude on the freeway let me into his lane today. Knight him. To all of you who make more coffee after pouring the last cup -- I dub thee! Have a good bowel movement ... become a knight. But ... Bill Gates? This man is most certainly a captain of industry, but he has a wake of pissed off people behind him due to his business practices. Plus, he has a bunch of pissed of people in front of him for foisting a horrible product upon us. The man has eliminated his competition and created a bad product, all in a style that can only be described as Un-American. But why would England care about that? Clearly The Queen is not a user of Windows or IE. Bill Gates is the Black Knight. Use Firefox.


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