Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Part Three

I've thought about the Iraqi elections more, and my opinion has darkened. As much as I would like to see something nice happen in Iraq, my bigger concern is the validation and further promulgation of The Bush Doctrine. The Bush Doctrine is the worst thing that's happened to the world in the past several decades. It says that the U.S. (read: any country) can attack another country if they see that country as a threat--even if they turn out to be wrong. Its apt acronym of "TBD" is an ominous pun. The fate of the world is to be determined by this Doctrine. People who don't fear The Bush Doctrine are people who assume that the U.S. has only the best intentions for everybody. That is naive and just plain wrong. No country should be allowed to do its foreign business as The United States has in the past few years. Granted, most of the world is savvy enough to know that this Doctrine is a crock of shit. However, few countries are evolved enough to opt out of this new doctrine should an opportune moment arise. The glimmering success of Democracy in Iraq would very likely result in a tacit endorsement of The Bush Doctrine. The Bush Doctrine's endorsement worldwide is worse than anything I could imagine. While we may have toppled a totalitarian regime and replaced it with a representative government, but in so doing we are creating a worse totalitarian regime. Please feel free to disagree.


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