Monday, February 28, 2005

Oh my head

Three parties this weekend. The first was my big annual bash on Friday night. It was a great success, I actually gathered FIVE fellow bloggers as well as a motley assortment of other friends. It was great to meet Chuck, Beth, Carol, the Curmudgeon in Training, and Sarriah face-to-face and in person. I was delighted by them all, and look forward to our next meeting. Pictures will be forthcoming, once The Curmudgeon forwards a few to me. He's an artist, though, and you can't rush brilliance. Then on Saturday night I was at a friend's house in El Segundo--which is clear over on the opposite side of the LA basin from me. Fun was had by all. Then yesterday I attended Jack's annual Oscar Party. I came in DEAD LAST in the annual contest to guess which movie would win which awards. I guess I just don't think like the Academy. Perhaps this is a good thing. Now there is much work to do. Pray for me.


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