Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Well-Mannered Ape

Here is Jim at work, resisting the urge to throw poo. Posted by Hello I rarely talk about my work on my blog, but today is the day at my corporate job that I get to turn in my "self-evaluation." Can I just say this? In a million years, when the epoch of human history is listing out those major influences, "Human Resources" and "Corporate Management Style" will not be listed. Our ability to make money has been finely tuned to such a specific manner that we have forgotten that human beings are basically apes with big brains. I am being measured (verily, I am measuring myself) on the basis of how well I follow up with customer issues. While I'm a good person and I care about select individuals that I work with, this ape has no concern whatseover for "customer issues." I fear I am destined to remain in middle management for this deficit in my corporate personna. I am smart enough to run an entire company (oh yes, I am) but I am incapable of squeezing my big furry ape legs into that well-tailored suit. It just doesn't fit me. I tend to eat my bananas and throw the peelings at whatever seems to be the funniest thing to hurl it at in that moment. As of now, I am "Meeting Expectations."


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