Friday, January 28, 2005

A Message to America's "Little Guy"

President Bush to America's Little Guy: "Don't Run! We are your friends!" Posted by Hello President Bush is your friend. He says so frequently, so it must be true. He has lowered your taxes. He is pre-emptively attacking our enemies to make sure they don't attack us first! He is tough. He is your protector. He can make a decision when a decision is called for. He can make a decision at the drop of a hat! Little guy: you can feel safe knowing that George W. Bush is in the White House. Forget about what those whining Democrats tell you. He is not going to increase your tax burden--hell, didn't you get a refund check in the mail? Your children and grand-children do not need to worry about the record-high deficit in our budget. You know why? Because the economy is going to improve now that George is in the White House! That deficit will be gone in no time, once we patch up a few glitches in the economy. After all, Clinton balanced the budget and all these economic problems are his fault. Those Democrats might say that it's preposterous for the President to unify Large Oppressive Big Business with the Little Guy (that's you!) who is generally oppressed by those large oppressive big businesses, but he has, hasn't he! Democrats think that your interests are not the same! They obviously don't know that you work as a meat packer at Hormel. As long as your paycheck doesn't bounce, and as long as you have one hand free to cover your nose--that's all you're interested in, right? That and Gay Marriage--we gotta make sure the sanctity of marriage isn't soiled. The Democrats have no clue what you really care about! They claim that they are looking out for your best interests, but you know how they'll do THAT: tax increases. The Republican's, however, THEY know the score. So stay true to President Bush! Do it for our boys in Iraq!


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