Thursday, December 02, 2004

Poker at Jim's

Yesterday I went to the mall (more on that later), and purchased a beautiful poker set. A 500-chip set (9 ounce clay chips) with two decks of cards in a beautiful stainless steel case. All for only $70. So now I have to earn my $70 bucks back. I'm going to hold a semi-serious-but-mostly-fun night of no limit Texas Hold 'Em at my house. Anyone who reads this blog and will be in the L.A. area on the day I decide to hold it will be invited. I will probably do it on a Friday or Saturday night sometime soon. Here are the rules: - Everyone buys in for $50 and gets the same amount of chips (determined by how many people show up.) - The game will be limited to probably six people, maybe eight if I get that many responses. - Only people who have a basic knowledge of poker should play (newbies can come but kiss your $50 goodbye unless you're really lucky.) - 2nd Place gets $75 - 1st Place gets the rest - Everyone else gets to have fun! - Standard World Poker Tour rules for no limit Texas Hold 'Em will apply. - Big and Little Blinds will be determined that night, based on consensus. - I will supplies the drinks If you're interested, reply in the comments! I'll be sending out invitations to my real-life friends as well (yes, I actually have a few!), because I don't expect too many responses here.


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