Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Burn the Witch!

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the majority of Americans think the Iraq war was a mistake and that Donald Rumsfeld should be fired. Well, I quite agree. But why not fire the President instead? After all, it was his war, not Rumsfeld's per se. But Bush was elected by a majority of votes just seven weeks ago. Statistically, that means that some of those people who now feel Rumsy should be fired, also voted for President Bush. THOSE people should be fired. Of course, I'm assuming that the war was the only factor in their voting. I guess to some there are issues more important than thousands of innocents dying due to an "error in judgement" by the United States. Am I dissenting against the President during a time of war? Yes. Am I aiding the enemy? What enemy? The only enemy in this war is ourselves.


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