Friday, December 03, 2004

Blue Money

Yes, the election is over, but guess what? We can keep voting: with our dollars. I got this from my dear friend Lori. It was such a great idea I thought I'd pass it along: CHOOSE THE BLUE "If each American who voted for John Kerry spends $100 in 2005 on a Blue company instead of a Red company, we can move $5 Billion away from Republican companies and add $5 Billion to the income of companies who donate to Democrats. This will be noticed!" RED: Target, WalMart, all gasoline except Shell... BLUE: Shell Oil, The Gap, Costco, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Barnes & Noble SPENDING LIBERALLY "We will direct our collective spending power so as to punish corporations that make the government work against the public interest." Starting with targeted sanctions against sponsors of Fox News: FOX SPONSORS: WalMart, Target, Ford, Sharper Image... NEVER SURRENDER This includes a list of"Worst Corporations" LISTED: GE, WalMart, Disney, DKNY, Monsato ... So, to wrap it up: Shop at: Shell Oil, The Gap, Costco, Bed Bath & Beyond, Barnes & Noble Don't shop at: WalMart, Target, Ford, Sharper Image, WalMart, all gasoline except Shell, Disney, DKNY, Monsato


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