Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Missing Link

Well, that title is probably a misnomer. But, after seeing a positively divine post from David about Steve, I found myself clicking through his gallery of photographs and, one after the other, changing my mind several times about which one to make my new computer background. This is a place of honor, and a testament to Steve's talent. Then I perused through other parts of the site and realized -- wait a minute -- this is the same Steve who harasses Chuck! David and Chuck might not know it, but they are my two blogfathers. Well, I should say that on the day I was goofing off at work and toying with the idea of creating a blog, I was searching for some examples of blogs I would like to emulate. I found Chuck's first (when searching for "best blogs" I found the entry about the phone booth.) Chuck linked me to Treppenwitz, and there you have it. Anyway, Steve is an amazing photographer, and his link now sits proudly among the rest.


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