Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Epiphany in Overtime

It's hard to tell this story without getting a little personal, but here it goes. About 9.5 years ago, Todd and I were minding our own business, playing trivia in a bar called "OverTime" in Colorado Springs, CO. We were new friends, already bonding in a way, when the topic migrated to women. Todd opened up a bit, and let me know that he had been acquiring a certain level of "biblical knowledge" of a mutual female friend of ours. That's funny, says I. I had been quite recently acquiring the same said biblical knowledge of the exact same mutual female friend of ours. I insisted that Todd hop into my car, and we drove over to the female's home, and a pretty interesting scene ensued (no it was not a threesome). As paradoxical as it may seem, Todd and I have been close friends ever since. Years later, Todd himself declared me to be his "blog-father," which is a title I have clung to, out of a desperate need to feel important, ever since. Well bust my buttons, but that blog-fruit of my loins, The Ronkainen Project, particularly this post will be mentioned in Popular Science letters to the editor quite soon. They actually surfed the web and found his post and asked him to publish it! I could get all congratulatory here, and I've already given Todd my high-five in private. But what I'm really hoping for is some spill-over clickage from Todd's site, because really ... it's all about me.


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