Monday, November 08, 2004

As Promised ...

The Meat of the Matter is now turning down the volume, and I swear I'm going to try to be a little less political. I'm hoping that in 4 years the right won't be so far right, and the left won't be so far left, and our choice won't be so harrowing. In that light, I've removed a few links, but added a few that I think will be really great. (Sidebar: I read every link every day.) 1. Karbonkountymoos. Karen is from Montana in a very rural world, and from what I can tell, is as charming as can be. 2. Scott from The Other Side of My Mountain hails from Minnisota, writes like a pro, and lives an examined life. If I can mis-quote Socrates ... "the examined life is worth blogging." 3. The Australian crew at Catallaxy is quite clear-thinking, and may be left-leaning, which may be redundant. ;) So there you have it. And to prove my sense of humor, I will later post a picture of myself with a newly shaven head.


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