Tuesday, October 19, 2004

To Whom It May Concern

If you're the person who found my website by searching for "Calvin pissing on kerry," I'd first like to scold you for not capitalizing Kerry. Secondly, I'm curious why you were searching for this. Were you hoping to find a means to purchase a sticker to put on your car? If so, were you hoping that such a sticker would: A) Convince others to vote for Kerry B) Convince others to become Calvinists C) Just be funny because no one had ever seen Calvin pissing on something before? I can't imagine the mental calisthenics you must have gone through to come up with this brilliant idea. "Calvin pissing on ... Hmmm what don't I like ... Osama bin Laden? No, I've seen that. Saddam Hussein? Naw, who cares. Tubby girls? No, I might actually regret that one ... Ummmmmmmmm ... I know! kerry!"


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