Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Real-Time Debate Blog

I'm here watching the debate, giving you my blow-by-blow description ... LIVE on The Meat of The Matter! OK, so you won't see them until I publish them at the end of the debate, but hey ... at least my news will be given at "Internets Speed." 1. Blue Suits. Red Ties. They must have called each other before the debate! 2. Bush is trying a little to hard to smile, and thus smiling at times that aren't appropriate. Later, Kerry does too. 3. Question 2: President Bush asked the younger people to not get a flu vaccine so they could prioritize who gets the vaccine. I'm 42. Am I elderly enough to get a flu vaccine this year? Kerry's response to the question was very effective, and George's rebuttal was pretty good too. Except Bush had a little fleck of spittle gathering at the corner of his mouth (truly) so unfortunately no one heard it. 4. Oooh more spittle fleck, mixed with insincere smile. Bad news for Bush. Maybe it's just the lighting?? It's not going away!! This is clear evidence that Carl Rove is NOT speaking into his ear because if he was, he'd say "Mr. President, wipe your mouth." 5. Kerry: "Being lectured about fiscal reponsibility by this president is a lot like Tony Soprano lecturing on Law & Order." Zing! 6. Kerry's bit about outsourcing was just outstanding. This man clearly has a command of his topics. So far Kerry is clearly the winner. But the night is young ... 7. Why ask a question about gay marriage if both candidates are going to spout the same pablum? Bah! Their answers were both effete and worthless. 8. Bush's description about Health Care problems was intelligent. His solution really started slipping though. Health Care doesn't use Information Technology? How does he figure? Kerry's description was even better because he dealt in specifics (no competition allowed for medicare drug spending). OK, did I see this right? The President interrupted the moderator to rebut a statement about health care. He said Kerry had "no record" for health care reform, but then (surprise!) the moderator gave Senator Kerry 30 seconds. While Senator Kerry was saying he had actually authored 57 health care bills, President Bush looked at the moderator as if to say "I didn't know you would give him a chance to talk." 9. OOoops! President Bush started to say, "In my opinion it's not really credible to quote leading newspapers--Oh nevermind." Then he chuckled in a very juvenile way. What a dork!! He showed his hand, but was afraid to really say it because he was afraid of pissing off "leading newspapers." 10. Kerry's command of the facts regarding salvaging social security was far more impressive than the President's. 11. Finally the spittle is gone. Phew. That was a bad break for Bush. 12. I'm hearing consistently that Bush speaks in generalities (i.e. "the borders are tighter.", and Kerry speaks using hard facts ("4,000 people cross the border every day.") 13. Kerry's answer on Roe v. Wade was bold, and I respected it. Bush's answer equivocated and did not take a stand. 14. Kerry's answer on the assault weapons ban was excellent. He is *really* kicking ass in this debate. 15. Kerry accused Bush of not meeting the Black Congressional Caucus, or the NAACP. Bush replied that he DID meet with the BCC at the White House. We'll see tomorrow who was wrong. 16. Bush said that he prays a lot. Then he says his faith is personal. Then he says he prays a lot some more. Then he talks about his faith for a long time. Sorry, that's not "personal faith"; that is very public faith. 17. Kerry complimented Bush on this performance right after 9/11. Nice job, and well deserved. 18. Bush's daughters are hot. 19. In the end, I would call this a bit more of a victory for Kerry than the 2nd debate.


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