Thursday, October 07, 2004

I stole this from the Suburban Housewife, who swiped it from Chuck, who pilfered it from Gavin. It's a little shorter than the "200 things" post, so I'll indulge myself: 3 THINGS... ...I am wearing right now 1. No underwear 2. No jewelry 3. No Tattoos ...on my desk 1. A print of Rembrandt's "Portrait of a Boy" 2. The 90th rendition of a Statement of Work that I am negotiating 3. A CD created by my Buddy Brian which has about 100 MP3s on it called "Ambient / Trippin'" ...I want to do before I die 1. See the Northern Lights 2. Be naked with three women at one time (I have a specific job for each of them) 3. Publish a novel ...good things about my personality 1. I'm funny 2. I can find the good in just about anybody 3. I have no tolerance for convention ...bad things about my personality 1. I whine too much 2. I'm a horrible listener 3. I play computer games too much ...I like about my body 1. my arse 2. my eyes 3. my special purpose ...I don't like about my body 1. my hair 2. my 6-pack is now a 12-pack 3. the occasional zit on my arse ...most people don't know about me 1. I have published several short stories and poems 2. I used to sing in a rock band 3. I never wear underwear. (Oops, I guess that cat was already let out of the bag.) ...I say the most 1. "Exxxxcellent" (Like Mr. Burns) 2. "Yesh" (instead of "yes". Now all those closest to me say it too. I love being a trend-setter.) 3. "Ohhhh yeahhhh" ...I want to go to 1. Italy, especially Florence 2. Portland to see my family 3. Home ...names that I go by 1. Jim 2. Jim 3. Dick-nose ...screen names I have had


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