Monday, October 25, 2004

Countdown to November 2nd

So far, this is the most empassioned (and exhausting) election of my lifetime. With eight days left before the big day, I am going to try to post every day to unleash my unholy anger upon the voting public. With nothing left but empty platitudes to justify his war in Iraq, George W. Bush has still not shown the kind of accountability the leader of the free world needs to have. He owes the world an apology. He owes the U.N. an apology. He owes the 11,000+ families of those who died because of his war an apology. His war has done egregious damage to our country, and yet he still stands with firm conviction that his actions have all been 100% correct. It baffles me that there are so many Bush supporters who are in favor of whooping ass on a country even though all the original justifications have been proven wrong. The only argument they have left is that "they might have attacked us." Not good enough, people. Wake up and smell the lack of an argument. Folks, it was a big country attacking a little country who did not deserve it based on the reasons GWB stated. It is very similar to the scenario when Iraq attacked Kuwait. And when that happened, the U.S. marched in to save them because Iraq was the bad guys. In the words of George Herbert Walker Bush: "This aggression will not stand." And in regard to GWB's unchecked aggression, I will quote "The Dude:" "This aggression will not stand, man." For anyone who wants the strongest nation in history to keep its integrity, I ask all of you to vote for Kerry next Tuesday.


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