Thursday, September 02, 2004

No One Cares ... yet

Global Oil prices are precariously volatile. Today a Russian oil distributor announced its financial trouble and oil goes up roughly TWELVE PERCENT in ONE DAY. This is a direct result of what happens when you have an increasing demand for a finite, quickly decreasing supply of oil. Further evidence that no one cares: I went back to get the news link and it was already off the headline page. I was happy to see that the news bit about Brittney Spears' used chewing gum is holding fast, however. The public (especially America's) is vastly uninformed about this for three reasons: 1. Oil companies aren't interested in telling us 2. It's not news we want to hear, and 3. It's a boring topic. Well TMOTM is here for you! I'm here to tell you that this issue will become topic #1 in the coming years. It's nothing to panic about, but plan on buying a new car in the next year or two, and make sure it's either extremely gas efficient and better yet a hybrid or electric car. Veer away from investments that will be adversely impacted by the price of oil.

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