Wednesday, September 29, 2004

All you Dirty Liberals: Take Heart!

To those of you who have been discouraged by all the news that Bush has a roaring lead in the polls. I will confess that I let this news darken my spirits. I was already planning that if Bush wins the election, I was going to make my blog 100% black. Ho hum. But then I read this: The "How can Gallup ..." Game. Look. I used to publish a nationwide annual survey. The information was garnered from thousands of submitted surveys. Even though I did this with integrity, there were plenty of issues along the way that gave me, the pollster, the power to influence the interpretation of statistics. If there is one thing I learned during that process it was that no matter how "scientific" a survey may seem, they never truly scientific. Trying to predict the future in this manner finds you dealing, in a way, with something similar to the Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle. The mere observation of the future will alter the outcome of your findings. This is true of surveys in many, many ways. Gallup was once revered as a vangard of credibility. If the linked blogger is correct, it appears possible, however, that the stalwart organization has "accidentally" forgotten to adjust its sample. Can gallup actually be wrong by 13 points? Hell yes! Or, they might only be wrong by 11 points, which makes it neck and neck. If they're wrong by 15 points, then Kerry is ahead. So for all you Kerry supporters, (or just anti-Bush people who are pissed off enough to vote for Kerry) take heart! Stop listening to the polls. They are the dangling chads of this year's election. And look out everyone, I have verified an important fact: insert the choir of heavenly hosts I AM REGISTERED TO VOTE! All the polls be damned. This guy is voting on November 2nd.


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