Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The truth in there

My previous post notwithstanding, I'm finding this month's issue of "Vanity Fair" to be an apt metaphor for America. You have to wade through 9,000 pages of superficial crap before you find some incredible gold nugget of truth. This month's issue compares and contrasts the war records of Kerry and Bush. Big yawn, right? Wrong. The article has a perspective that is quite fresh, as it comes from a journalist who was censured by Kennedy and Johnson during the Vietnam conflict. Oddly, his perspective seems the correct one for such an undertaking. Imagine that you're running for class president at your High School, and your opponent is a star water polo player, and you are a chess geek. Would you focus your propaganda on how the other guy really isn't that great of an athlete? And then vaunt yourself to be a studly macho dude? If it was me, I would talk about what a lousy chess player Mr. Waterpolo was. But that's just me, I guess.

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