Thursday, July 08, 2004

Why I love the Web

I had 10 minutes between conference calls, and I needed to clear my mental palate, so to speak. I went to David's site to see if he had posted anything new, and clicked on a button I didn't remember seeing before that said "Soul". Then I went here. Jesus Lord A'mighty. This guy Henk knows what he is doing and is probably one of the best "industrial" photographers (with smatterings of poetry and fiction) I've ever seen. Ten minutes elapsed in a moment. I was leading the call, offering half-hearted "Uh huh" and "yeahs" while perusing his photos. I'd make one my computer's background, then replace it with another I like better. Doing this while on a conference call was truly mixing the ridiculous with the sublime. This one was the winner. I think he used infra-red film. A true artist, Henk. You made my day.

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