Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Welcome to the New Economy

Tim Sanders, "Chief Solutions Officer" at Yahoo, has coined a new phrase: New Economy Depression Syndrome. As is frequently the case, whenever a "disease of the month" is announced, hypocondriacs everywhere raise their hand like Horschak on "Welcome Back Kotter" going "Oh! Oh! Oh!" Well color me Horschak. If New Economy Depression Syndrome (affectionately called NEDS) is a real disease--I gots it. I've seen Tim Sanders speak in person. He is a tiny bit of a bullshit artist, but I also think (like many bullshit artists) that he is pretty smart. In the case of NEDS, while I think it might be a bit of a publicity stunt, I think Sanders is definitely on to something. I heard a statistic that the body of human knowledge doubles every two years. Our corporate lives are the ol' "Head of the spear" (to coin a phrase) of where we apply this knowledge to our daily lives. Since it is in my nature to understand everything I'm dealing with, I am constantly in a state of mental fibrillation trying to grasp each component I must manipulate to output my company's proverbial widgets. However, in order to really understand it all, I would have to be in training 24X7. Since I have to get shit done I have to plod through uncharted territory without really understanding where I am or what I'm doing. Am I alone here? Is this just me?

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