Thursday, May 20, 2004

8-year-olds, Dude

I am a huge fan of "The Big Lebowski". In fact, I'd go so far that it's now my favorite movie, and has eclipsed "Blade Runner", which had a 20-year run in my #1 slot. But now something amazing has happened. Something serendipitous. Something synchronicitous. Something really really coincidental! Look at this link, then come back. In the movie "The Big Lebowski", there is a character played by John Turturro named "Jesus Quintana" who ... among other traits ... has a history of pedophilia, and is a registered sex offender for having sex with minors. And here we have another Jesus Quintana, in real life, who was apparently guilty of the same crime. Coincidence? Perhaps ... I do know that every major studio does *intense* searches for just such coincidences before scripts are approved for production. If they want to make a movie about a guy names Josephus Schalbotnik from Pittsburg, who gets with a crime, they first do a search to find out if there is really a guy named Josephus Schalbotnik *anywhere*. If there's actually one in Pittsburg, they make the writer change the name to avoid a lawsuit. In this case, a studio didn't do it's homework. Oopsie! (In case the Coen Brothers read this, however, it's still the greatest movie made in a long, long time. Nice job, guys.)

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