Thursday, April 22, 2004

One "Patriot" Speaks Out

The FBI wants to read your Instant Messages. I have a problem with this. The FBI already can snoop on our IMs. It takes a little work, but it shouldn't be easy. For as easy as we make it for the FBI, we will be making it equally easy for hackers. Hackers got their start with our phones (as did the FBI) and it might be argued that the sky didn't fall because our phone lines can be tapped. But our computers are different, as it generally hosts information whose security is vital to our well-being. Lastly, it probably won't help. The FBI is just lame to think that by insisting upon a back door will make snooping for them as easy as flipping a switch. If it is, something is wrong. If it isn't this easy, it's bureaucracy based on ignorance ... again.


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