Friday, April 16, 2004

Is it me? Or does the above scattergram have an eerie resemblance to ... North America?

Harvard University Responds to MOTM

In an attempt to define "liberal" and "conservative" I posted "Consiberal Libervative" here. Harvard reads my blog daily, and responded in kind by performing a nation-wide survey of college students. You can take this survey here. Harvard, Harvard, Harvard. You didn't listen to me. You have effectively defined "Conservative" and "Liberal" in the most flawed way possible: by example. There are no core principles in the basis of these definitions. I have only three words to say: "does anyone care?" From now on, you are a liberal if you act like all those other people that are typically referred to as liberal. You are conservative if you act like people we call conservatives. End of argument. I am now a "Secular Centrist". Where's my secret secular centrist decoder ring?


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