Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Party at Jim's Place

This is a picture of me, under the influence of alcohol. Now in the case of my children or my mom accidentally happening upon my blog, this was at MY BIRTHDAY PARTY at my house. It is a rare thing indeed for me to be under the influence of alcohol. Really. There were many more flattering pictures taken of me at this party, but my friend "S. S. Brown", who is a fine photographer indeed, decided to publish this one. When asked why he chose this one, he cited some blather that insinuated he had "artistic reasons". Now, S. S. is a great photographer (and great at post-production) as evidenced here in a picture taken at the same party: Pretty awesome, eh? These limes bathed in the very Gin & tonics that ushered me into the lack of decorum you see in the picture above. S. S. knows what he is doing. His real motive is clear: he wants to show the world the boob that I am. The woman next to me is not my girlfriend, but she is rather fetching, so why not decrease the impact of my boobishness by guiding most eyes away from me, and onto her? This party was spectacular fun. I plan to make it an annual event. If you're in Los Angeles Next January, let me know and you too can discover your inner boob.


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